The past few weeks

On the note of "Revenge of the Fallen":
The only real problem I had was hearing a lot of 'bots cuss up a blue streak. And I know some people hated the Twins, but personally, i liked them, and thought it was soo cool that they had more personality this go around IE: Starscream was the sniveling little usurper again, how Bumbleebee was more into truly protecting Sam in ALL aspects of life (the car scene anyone?) Although what with the major plot thing that i cannot divulge concerning Peter Cullen I was all teared up. Admit that. I knew it couldn't last, but still....
Oh yes, multiple viewing are on order here.
And not enough Arcee. I was soo stoked to see Arcee, and she never gets anything. And ravage.....ahhhhh grand!!!
Ok, on the note of life right now:
it is grand actually., been picking up a lot more hours, and just truly enjoying things. Just really for the first time, letting go of the reins and letting God take the wheel. Man is it releving.
AS FOR MICHEAL AND FAWCET: Ok fawcet was ill, but still sad in the same way the Jackson's is. He may have been a wee bit odd, but, he was a father, and now those children are without him. Which begs the question: When YOU die, whiat will yuo say to YOUR father? The one who created you? I know that this was posted on some other peoples things, but it is a very good question, and it shoud make you think a moment or two.