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How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

Bob Dylan asked that in his song "Blowin' in the Wind", and it kinda hit me today. I am preparign to move to a new state, or at least trying to. I am essentially uprooting myself and going somewhere I am effectively on my own. Sure, i have friends there, and family in Seattle etc., but still, they are nto going to be the ones to support me.

I consider things here: I have an easy set up here, I am making do albeit barely, I am plugged into an active ministry and church. All my friends are here. Why move? Why leave all that?
Because I have to.
I will NOT let myself grow complacent. I am not satisfied with okay. I am not okay with alright. I want to rise up and be the man God wants em to be. I need to remember that there is always more you can learn about Him, and how He is. In my own life, I am seeing how little I truly know about my own passions in art, and if I want to do something with that, I need to shake off my pride and admit that. Pride goes before the fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction (Proverbs) and especially if I want to use my creative gifts to benefit God, I need to admit I have much to learn.
Its time to stop playing at grown-ups, and actually do something.