Stuff. And Such

So its has been an INCREDIBLE time lapse since I last posted. Well heres the facts:
In August we werre approved for our own apartment, and have been living there since September of 2012. We are getting ready to renew the lease, and we love the place. Also, In October, some friends joined us and we saw Weir Al perform here in Billings. That was a good deal, oh, lets see...WE HAVE BROKEN THE REGULAR ATTENDANCE FOR FRESH LIFE BILLINGS~! A few weeks ago, we had 100 people come! Also, in the last several weeks, lets see...we are preparing for Easter service with For King And Country (they rock check em out) , as a whole, the church ahs been praying for Pastor Levi as they go through the process of their daughter Lenya being called home (memorials ervice http://vimeo.com/56384147 and other clicky links http://freshlifechurch.org/lenya/ )
and just seeing the faith of the family has been inspiring and challenging.
In the beginning of the year, got to see Impending Doom live and met them and that was fun. We are now a few months ion and approaching the one year anniversary of being married. We plan to take a trip to Albuquerque NM to help with Skull Church ( http://skullchurch.com/3.0/index.php ) so we are stoked on that.And now, I leave to take care of some house related details. Ciao!