The call you least expect, and least want.

Often when my pastor (Levi Lusko, for those who didn't know) closes a message on the Gospel,  and sometimes when its not specifically the Gospel, he invites people to give their lives over to Christ, who died for the sins of all, taking our place on the cross we deserve.  He talks about how death is many things, most often, it is a surprise. One day out of the blue, we get that call. The call we least expect, and the call we least want to get. He tells how that its not a preachers trick, just the reality. He has experienced it in his own life, as have I.
Very recently, in fact.
Yesterday I recieved the call that a very good friend, on of those I would call brother and best friend, died.
He had been shot in a scuffle with police in Idaho. He had apparently driven to Seattle, feeling like he couldn't walk away form the problems plaguing him, He realized that, with our Saviour, all thigns are possible with His strength (Philippians 4:13) at least I think and hope thats what happened. He had a gun and since he was pulled over on the side of the road, a passing police officer stopped. From there it is unclear what happened, except this: They walked away.
He didn't.
In the blink of an eye, my friend was face to face with his creator,
Until I join him there, I will not see him again.
While this hurts, I grieve with hope, for I will see him again. There is a hope in the sadness. Hope from, Christ Jesus. Yes, my friend had problems, and he needed help, but I cannot say why he didn't turn to Him with them, All I know is he is gone.
The call we least expect. The call we least want.
Yet, one day we will be the subject of such a call. One day, someone will call those you love, to tyell them the very news you dread to hear about those you love. Only you will be the reason they call.
Please hear me this:
There is no avoiding this fact: The harshest truth of life is the brevity of it. My friend was not even 30. He had such potential, but it was taken. We are never promised more than today. That is why I urge you: PLEASE see yourself as we all are: Sinners who need the grace of a God whose love surpasses anything we as humans can comprehend. My friend, for all his faults, is now embraced by Jesus, for he placed his trust in Him. I WILL see him again. The free gift of Christ is available to anyone who asks and confesses that He is Lord (Romans 10:10) I urge you to do that if you have not. No, I beg you.
We are never promised that we will get chance to later in life. Why play Russian roulette with eternity?
If you wish to know more on how you can recieve the free gift of salvation with Christ, please click this link and it will explain better than I


Metal Praise

I sat there at my desk. I was very frustrated with what i felt as a lack of progress as I struggle with the sinful nature I have. Yes, though we have Christ as believers that doesn't mean we are invulnerable to temptation. Satan still knows what bait we will take, and waits till we feel secure, sometimes even arrogant about our holiness and BANG! there we go, biting that same hook we say we won't fall for, and condemn ourselves for it. Yet Paul reminds us that there is NO condemnation  (Romans 8:1) and suddenly just felt angry. Angry that I had fallen for thee same hook each time, yes I sin. And yet, I say "Not this time," but still there I am. And this anger brought me to write, as I usually find myself doing something along those lines of expressing the moods I feel through artistic expression, and this string of words flowed forth, which I meant to keep contained to something almost tweetable, but it still came forth, and i found that i wouldn't stop, it just came, these truths, and all these lines and metal lyrics  was listening to came into play. So, here it is

Strapped in this unholiness
looking at the self made mess
beating myself up over it
knowing i could have stopped it
and chose not o end it
Helpless, hopeless and self deceived
Losing my sanity
I need You to rescue me
From this disaster of a life
Tied with strings of lies
I need You to break these chains
This destruction is my own doing
Who am I fooling
I need You to save me
This crown of thorns should be mine
But You took it for me
This suffering agony and pain
should be for me
But You gave your life for me
And struggle as I might
I cannot win this fight
Without You by my side
You came to my rescue
It should have been me
but You stole me away from the enemy
Breaking through this web of lies and deceit
to find myself bowing at Your feet
I'm so sick with this disease
And You came as flesh and blood
For today is the day of salvation
And i called Your name
and You gave Your holiness for my empire of dirt
and took it all
For those three days  You hung there
I was there
I put the nails that should have been mine in Your hands and feet
But Your love put You there
This love!
This love that never ends
No matter my own failings and that I run from it
You are there with me waiting
You bring me to life
Seeing right through me to my motives pure
This murderer I am
you wash me clean with blood
I won't go back
I stumble in darkness and fall short
but You lift me with hands like mine
For You were a man like me
and not like me
You are the Holy Lamb sent to slaughter
When blood mixed with water and poured out
"It is finished!" You cried
and now I stand there weeping and You hold me
And I live for You for You died for me
My King is alive!
Yes though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil
for You ARE with me!
My King is alive, He has conquered the grave
This I know for Your word tells me so
Hallelujah hallelujah my King is alive!
All praise to Him
My King is alive!
This is my purpose
This will be my call
You give me clean hands
That I will use to build Your kingdom here
You take my heart of stone
and give me a heart of flesh
So I will rise up
I will stand up
I will keep Your laws and I will live for You and love like You
No one can take Your life because You laid it down for me
So I give myself to You
Fill my with Your fire
Burn away this sinful way
Let Your spirit fill me
You are the God of ages
The only name that saves
The only way
The truth
The life.