Baptized In Filth

I went into my job last night at the theatere prepared for  a slow night. During the weekdays we are super slow, where the hours kinda drag a bit, because we do not have a lot of people coming in to watch movies. So I ave time to think, sometimes up to two hours in between groups of people.
Right now, there is not much going on in the cinema. Most of the movies coming out lately are either horribly violent, and depressing, and I mean, it can be a downer to go to movies anymore. Then there is the opposite case...
“Don Jon” is the first of its kind: a romantic comedy built around porn. It’s the story of Jon, a good old-fashioned boy who likes women but prefers pornography, and of Barbara, a good old-fashioned girl who is looking for her prince charming. “Where did the story come from,” he asks. “The story comes from how people sometimes treat each other rather like things than like people and how media can contribute to that. That’s why I thought a relationship between a young man who watches too much pornography and a woman who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies would be a funny way of talking about how these fantasies we get from screens change the way we think about the world and love and sex in particular,” says Gordon-Levitt. "

This is what passes as entertainment these days. I had to see a few moments of this film getting theatre checks and such. There was at least a dozen uses of the word f--- at a dinner table conversation, and three graphic pornography clips shown. In the space of a mere two minutes. Being hailed by critics as "stellar", "hilarious" and "confident" by critics, it is a sign of how far this country is going away.  A film, dealing around a man who is addicted to pornography tot he point where he cannot have meaningful relationship with a girl and would eschew human contact for a computer screen,is telling a generation of men that it is ok to objectify women and view them as nothing more than objects. By the end of the film, he finds 'true' love with a n older woman whom he has no intention of marrying but can at least have sex with her without having to watch porn afterward because the act of sex with a woman is not fullfilling enough.  Before i go any further, let me state this: I am an artist. i do not like the idea of censorship, but there sia point where we need to use moral judgement and think about what we take in.  

Now...as a man, I will admit that I feel the tempting lure that pornography has. Men are visually based, we are designed that way. But I would not want to watch this film with people, and that right there tells you what you need to know:
We are living in a culture that is centered around making ourselves feel good. Art reflects life, and therefore films like this are coming out. What infuriates me, is that it such acts are socially acceptable, and the traditional views of what marriage is are looked down on, and even reviled to an extent. Pornography is a big business. It makes more money than the Hollywood machine, and what is the effect? People come to stores and buy someone elses fantasy. They view it thinking it won't harm them, when it warps their perception of what sex is supposed to be, and it becomes lusting behaviour that will never end, going into more and more degrading and shameful acts.

When you look at the popular culture, what is selling, what people listen to and watch, it is filth. This culture is awash in it, baptized in filth this nation is turning away from what it was, and showing the next generation how they are "supposed" to act: Build yourself up, it is all about me. Buy this product, or they will think you aren't cool! Drink this beer and chicks will love you! Drive this truck, because that will let them know you are a real man! Ladies, if you don't dress like this, no man will like you! You can do everything for yourself, you don't need some pastor or a religion telling you what to think or how to act! Make yourself feel good, because that is what life is all about!
This is nothing more than lies spewed from the mouth of the Enemy.
The Devil wants you to buy into this trapping, and forgo such notions as abstinence, and being responsible and just live it up.  If you are a guy, be crass and crude, sleep with as many chicks as you can because thats what makes you a man. If you are a woman, dress as provasctive as possilbe but don't sleep around, because that makes you a whore, and you don't want that stigma. Don't worry if you get pregnant, because you can get that taken care of and shirk the responsibilities of being a parent so you can continue to party it up.
The filth that is spewed forth today comes straight from Hell.
It is said in Matthew that a man who looks at a woman with lust in his eyes has essentially committed adultery. Sin is sin. Pornography is sin. There is no two ways about it. You are watching a man and woman fulfill  a sexual desire, while you do the same, and all the intimacy that is meant to be there is taken away. The act of sex is to be an expression of a couples love and devotion, not something you do willy nilly when you want. But that is how it is. The culture today is all about the self, not that there isn't groups and people who say we need to be focused on the others, but looking at the culture as a whole, we are a culture all about the self, building ourselves up and worshiping ourselves and our things as the cream of the crop in an act of self worship which will only lead to our own self destruction. WAKE UP! If you are having troubles seeing this..
Listen to this message. You will see that path is nothing but destruction.

Do not let yourself fall into this cycle. Reach out to Jesus, and He will bring you out of this darkness into light. I used to be in that cycle, and it nearly killed me. True joy comes from Christ, and having spent most of my life without Him, I can attest to this personally.  Even if you do not believe in the fact Jesus was the SOn of God, who died for your sins and will save you from an eternity of torment if you call out to Him, you will do it one day. One day you will die, and stand before the Lord. And on that day nothing you bought, or did can save you. There is only one thing that will matter on that day: What did you do with Jesus in your life? Did you put Him aside, and focus on yourself, or did you cry out to Him and follow His decrees? Because if you do not calll Him Lord here on this earthly life, on that day of judgement you will call Him Lord. You will bend the knee and confess that He IS the Lord, as you are cast out. Hint: You don't want that. Call to Christ NOW, while you have the choice to, because if you only do it when you are forced to at the end, you will have no choice but to accpet the result of your actions, and God wants nothing more than to embrace you! He wants you to enjoy all there is to this life, and it is possible to do so! I spent the last almost 6 years as a believer in Christ, and am learning more about Him every day, and cannot believe how I made it this far without Jesus in my life. I want nothing more than to share with you that knowledge: Christ died for your sin, and if you but call on His name, you confess with your tongue that He IS Lord, and beleive , you WILL be saved (Romans 10:9) but only if you do it here in this life.

Let me close on this thought: I know that this is not how the world and culture tell us how to be. It is a counter culture thing for sure. It is not easy in fact it is more difficult. But the payoff is so worth it. If you need help, you ask for it right? So...ask Jesus to help you! Believe me, there is nothing about that choice I made that night to follow Jesus I regret. It was the best thing i have ever done.  I just hope you reading this will see the truth in this post, and be mindful of how this culture is and how to avoid it.