God Paged Me, Pt.5

I am coming to a decision. I am going to be scaling back on things. What do I mean? I am first and foremost, cutting down on serving at Fresh Life. Before y'all flip, hear this: I am still going to be doing every other Sunday, and Wednesday. I however will not being in FLG the next go around, and not going to serve Saturdays. Veritas is something that I like, I will make it, but if I don't every single week, the world will not stop spinning, flinging us all into the cosmos. The strain of 5 days at church a week and trying to find a job , and just general stress over the last two months has taken a toll, and I am actually combating illness right now for it. I am also trying to get employment, and having as much free time as possible will be a boost (much more so than the dang hair cut). Also, as I find myself being more drawn to music, now that I have a few nights more free, I think I now have the time to really focus on my guitar, writing as wella s art in general. I am putting apps in where I can, and will continue to until I find work.