So, its been a while I know. Halloween and now Thanksgiving have come and gone, and the Christmas season with all its unbridled shopping mayhem greed and avarice has come in full force. Why do I characterize it so? Because of the insanity that Black Friday makes it. People pepper spraying each other so they can get a damn X-Box before the others can come near. Pregnant women getting punched in the stomach. People being trampled underfoot. It makes me sick.
But enough of that.
I am now in the stage of planning my wedding. For those out there who had not heard, I am engaged to the most incredible woman, and we will be wed on April 13th, 2012. And yes, that is a Friday. Hehe. I am trying to figure out the move to Billings, whether I ought do it now or after the wedding. I need to have a root canal next week, and that is delaying me, and I am mulling over it.
Art wise, I am feeling creative like none other, after I expended myself in October for my "Monster Mash" series, where I did 31 drawings in about 5 weeks (mainly cause the last two were a week late) and am loving it.
All things considered, I am pretty happy.