Here it is

So I am going through some things in m head. I feel God has called me to move and help with the launch of our fourth campus for Fresh life. I am hoping I can get down there soon. I applied for a Hastings there in Billings, and will do the same for Barnes And Noble. Meetign with a guy to talk about it, and hoping I can get a set date for leaving.
Last weekend was the first Skull Church outside of Kalispell, we went and brought it to Missoula. It was intense. I met a guy who was convinced that Loki was going to consume him, he would be reborn with six wings and be a god himself. He was so convinced of it, and all this other stuff he talked about, these ancient gods he worshiped and all the occult things he was into. It scared me, because I was into that kinda stuff. it was like looking into what I coulda become. Had I not met God when i did, I could have become that guy. It shook me hard. I was crying all afternoon at the sadness of what he was, and praying for him all night, and thanking God for the changes in my life he did. I was reminded of how God is so incredible, how we change from the old ways to His way as we grow with Him. And yet, still I find myself in the old ways in some areas, and trying to keep that from happening, and failing. But God is good, He is quick to forgive.
well, i am signing off for this one. Cheers!