Long time coming

So its been a while. Since last I posted, I had a root canal, planned a move to a new city, oh and got married to the most awesome gal ever along the way. But now, a month after marriage, its still sinking in. I'm married. I recall when i first was posting here, i was planning to be married. And it fell apart. Like a flan left in the cupboard it just collapsed utterly. Why? Because I wasn't doing things God's way. It was somethign I learned from immensely, and am so glad it didn't happen so I could see how to do it the right way this time.
I now live in Billings. Its a huge city compared to Kalispell, and its a little scary at times, but you know I am ok with that. I moved here to help spread the word of Christ, and if doing something like that is not scarying you a little bit, soemthing is wrong. Not that the act itself should be a spooky thing, but that I am now really relying on faith here. I am in a town where I have no family to fall back on, the people I do know are limited in number and dealign witht he exact same thing. I also have a wife I am charged with taking care of, and I mean do just that,
When we have our own lace all set up, and regular access to the web, I shall be uploading and blogging more frequently. So stay tuned because there is work to be done here, and I aim to do it.