ER Visits=Amazign Oppurtunites

Ok for those who don't know- Last Friday/early Saturday I was experieancing major tingles and mumb type sensations all over, a lot in my feet, and alo in my hands and elswhere. Saturday I left work early, and Sunday just spent laying around and resting. Monday they came back, but Tuesday evening it wasn't too bad. Wednesday (last night, the 9th) was NOT the case. I was standing in worship, and suddenly a wave overcame me, and I went to the foyer, and nearly fainted. After getting outside, I was starting to feel a little better, but still not good. It was decided that i needed to eat, and when our crew went to the resturant I was (as andy put it) "swooning", and he and Josh had me sit. At the table, I was kinda in and out, and was spacing out something firece. (The waitress was asking me a question three times before I knew something was being said to me). Andy and Josh porceeded to take me up to the ER, as they felt it was in my best interests. Once there, I was given some medicine that styarted with an "A", I am not sure what it was (but man was it niiiiiice...) and I am being wheeled in for a CAT Scan, I was talking to the dude taking me in. And yet even with all my ordea;, I somehow ended up on the subject of God. And then proceeded to talk to him about Skull Church, and just God in general. And yet, in the middle of ll that I am dealing with, why is it that was what I could focus on? There is always oopurtunites. Even in our worst circumstyances, you never know how much your talk to someone can impact someone else. 
Don't worry, I am fine btw. No life threatning I may just have to live with anxiety issues for my life. Ciao!


Through Glass

This is purely a retrospecitve blog. I have been looking back at the last nine months and realizing this one fact.

I am someone new this year, moreso than ever before. I started this year engaged. I was trashed and dumped less than two months afterwards. I have grown into a person who really doesn't care anymore, in that I have given all my worries to God. I really don't worry about anything anymore. And I have really stopped caring what others think. If yo don't like me cause I dress in a gothic sense, and thats how my mind is? Well thats your deal not mine.  I am aslo growing in my faith and learning to place my trust in Him, and I like thre results. The other big revelation is I am on the cusp of a two month anniversary with my girlfriend Criss. She is quite possibly, the best girl I ever met, a strong willed, strong in faith woman.  She and ia re so similar and yet different. I am so excited to visit her this fall (she happens to live over in Germany currently, and we were friends for three years befoorehand, she was born here in MT). I cannot get over the fact that right now, with all the trials i have at home and whatnot, I stil wouldn't trade it for anything. We are placed trials that we overcome them and grow, so whyh would you only praise God for the good? You take the good and the bad, both are from the Lord, and you need them both, otherwise you will never grow.